Wondervalley | Home Team Building Destination & Adventure Park in Bangalore

Archery Tag

With your very own bow and arrow, take down your opponent and make sure to make defend your fortress wisely. This is like playing dodgeball, but with bows and arrows! Don’t worry, you won’t walk away pierced by arrows. The weapons are foam-tipped and utterly harmless. This game is played between 2 teams of 5 players on each side. Tag your opponents with a direct hit, or take cover from attacks in bunkers! Knock out the 5 discs in the opposition’s base to win the game. The 5 spot disc targets serve as an extra life to your teammates. A teammate who is ‘tagged’ can rejoin the game if their teammate either knocks one of the opponent’s discs or catches the opponent’s arrow. The game concludes when all the teammates are tagged.

Bubble Soccer

Like as if football wasn’t fun enough. In this activity, you’re encased in an inflated sphere covering the upper body and head. It’s like football with a twist,a big inflated twist. Good luck trying to tackle your opponent without bumping into them! Participants Must: -Weigh between 45-80kgs -Obey and listen to the staff -Remove all […]

Giant Swing

Giant Swing- Everyone loves a swing, admit it. What better way to conquer your fear of heights? Here’s your chance to take a seat and enjoy being swayed to and fro 50 ft off the ground. Just remember to enjoy the scenic view by the lake.

Human Foosball

Foosball just got way cooler. This game is just like table top foosball BUT WITH REAL PEOPLE.


Experience the thrill of Kayaking


Not your average paintball field. With an abandoned jeep, sniper pods and missile, this is the perfect warzone. Two teams go head to head and try to eliminate the opponent by shooting dye-filled paintballs. Tip: Shoot but don’t get shot.

Rocket Ejector

The closest you’ll ever get to a NASA expedition. Get ready to be strapped in and launched 100ft off the ground. Talk about an adrenalin rush


Get on the snooker table and play snookball. How, you may ask? Use your feet. An exciting combination of football and snooker.